150 teachers get plots



The Basic Teacher’s Union of Zambia (BETUZ) has empowered over 150 teachers in Ndola with pieces of land to build their houses as part of a teacher empowerment program.
BETUZ General Secretary Henry Sinkala said the union handed over plots to teachers as part of its quest to serve its members better.
Mr. Sinkala said the union is creating a sustainable livelihood for its members across the country.
He noted that the land empowerment project is in all provinces and members will have a choice to choose what will work for them.
“Our land empowerment is backed by not only land but also possible developers such as Panorama group limited who are ready to develop your housing project because we want teachers to own houses before they retire,” he said.
He disclosed BETUZ members will be servicing their labour and material costs while in their own houses.
“We are doing this because we know that our teachers have loans which they are servicing and they may not have space to have resources to develop the projects,” Mr Sinkala said.
BETUZ has made progress in the establishment of the Financial Services (BFS) facility.
He explained that the BFS facility is aimed at providing cheaper financial loans at reduced and affordable rates which all members can afford.
He further explained that the union is confident that the financial facility will be available for its members to access within the shortest possible time.
And Ministry of Higher Education Director Human Resource, Kapalo Musonda commended the union for the initiative.-ZANIS



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