Communities in Mambwe District of the Eastern province have been urged to conserve natural resources in order to reap long term benefits.

Safari Guide Coordinator for Community Game Drives Chris Mwale said communities need to learn to appreciate nature and start conserving its diverse resources.

Mr Mwale, who has been organising the game drives sponsored by Lion Recovery Fund and Dazzle Africa, disclosed that communities from various chiefdoms have been engaged to go on the game drives so that they can have a feel of nature, appreciate it and conserve it.

He noted that the rationale is that those experiencing the drives can in turn start sensitising others who may not have the opportunity to go on these paid for game drives.

Mr Mwale explained that protecting natural resources will also improve the ecosystem, on which the tourism industry largely depends.

He revealed that since the inception of the programme in July 2020, community members selected by Chiefs drawn from Jumbe, Nsefu, Mnkhanya and Kakmbi Chiefdoms have had the opportunity to go on the game drives so as to appreciate the beautiful wonders of creation.

Meanwhile, Croc Valley Safari tour guide Simon Phiri urged the delegates on the tour guide to preciously protect and conserve natural resources so that future generations can also benefit.

Mr Phiri noted that the various safaris that are in the forefront to ensure that natural resources are protected and conserved know their importance and how they add to the beauty of the earth.

He pointed out that local communities have also benefited from local tourism.

“Please let us learn to protect, conserve and embrace natural resources so that our various communities can continue benefiting. Look at how these Safaris are taking care of our communities,” he said.




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