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OPPOSITION politicians promising to improve the state of the country’s economy overnight are blatant liars seeking to win the support of the electorate through propaganda, falsehoods and malice,” Patriotic Front (PF) Chimwemwe parliamentary candidate Allen Banda has cautioned.

Mr Banda said opposition politicians have no solutions to the economic challenges facing the country, but were merely desperate to form government because of their own personal and business interests which included auctioning the mines to their business partners.

In an interview in Kitwe yesterday, Mr Banda said, because they wanted to serve their own personal and business interests if they formed government, they were ready to do anything to win the 2021 elections even if it meant losing human life.

“A politician who really cares about the people he would love to come and serve, he would not like to plunge the country into chaos by inciting people with falsehoods, malice and propaganda. No, he will actually preach peace and unity in diversity.

“A responsible and caring politician will be cautious about the deadly Covid-19, but it is disappointing that we have some opposition politicians misleading people about Covid 19 and even telling people that they will change the economy overnight. This level of desperation is very dangerous,” Mr Banda said.

Mr Banda has urged the electorate in Chimwemwe constituency to ignore the lies from some opposition politicians and ensure that they vote for the PF candidates from ward level to the republican President Edgar Lungu.


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