In a social trade Program-Sign MOU

Zambia’s emerging higher learning institution in the making Eden University has kept standing attractive as the choice for would be students and other stakeholders as the private owned Institution continues to spread its breadth, this time joining hands with Poland’s renown Private University of Economy in Bydgoszcz in a cultural exchange program.

Poland a country that is deeply rooted and rich in its distinct historical evolution that is firmly associated with its intricate thousand –year history shapes part of their civilisation and that of the world chose Eden University as their choice to share the Art, music, Philosophy, Science in addition to other things.

Speaking during the signing ceremony of the Memorandum of understanding –MOU Monday Morning at Eden University main campus in Barlastone, Director of International Affairs at WSG University Dr. Marek Bougusz said it was worth the trip coming to Zambia and see to it that this program is actualized.

‘We are extremely delighted to join hands with this great university of now international repute and that I and my team can no longer wait to see that this program between the two universities is rolled out immediately.

And Eden University Chief Executive Officer Kelvin Kaunda said MOUs have a history of being shoved in the cabinets but given the background work between the two parties prior to the signing ceremony he remains optimistic that this program will stand the test of time.

‘We are a serious education Institution and where we see a yawning gap we move in quickly and to that effect we have seen that our hospitality industry leaves much to be desired and given your expertise in this field we want to take advantage and train our students who will be able to do things as they should be. ‘Kaunda Said.

Meanwhile, Polish high Commissioner to Zambia Dr. Maryla Wisniewski who was the guest of honor on this momentous occasion said the best asset a country like Zambia rich is natural resources can give to its citizen is to invest immensely in human resource hence the program is timely. ‘She Said.

And Eden University Vice Chancellor Professor Mutuku Mutinga said it will be an honor to see high graded students in all faculties get an opportunity in an all paid for European Union expense complete their final semester in Poland.



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