Police in Gwembe have arrested a 21-yearold man for allegedly stealing from his aunt’s Airtel mobile money account

The man of Cyten Service township in Gwembe, allegedly stole K800 from his auntie’s Airtel money account last week. Both police and Ms. Annette Mweetwa, the aunt to the culprit, identified the suspect as Emmanuel Mweetwa. Ms. Mweetwa said that Emmanuel withdrew cash from an Airtel money agent on two occasions.

She said the first withdraw was for K550 and the second one was of K250 in a space of seven days. Ms. Mweetwa said she does not understand how her nephew got the pin number but admitted that Emmanuel had access to her phone.

 After noticing that money in her Airtel money account had suddenly reduced, she reported the matter to both Airtel management and the police. “My nephew has access to my phone but I do not know how he got the pin number.

I only noticed that my money in my Airtel mobile money account had reduced. So I reported both to Airtel management and the police to investigate that is how my nephew was caught,” Ms. Mweetwa narrated. And in a separate interview, police in Gwembe confirmed that the suspect was in their custody awaiting court appearance.

“We arrested the culprit over the weekend and the suspect is in our custody awaiting to soon appear in court,” said a named officer.- ZANIS



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