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CONSTRUCTION of a livestock slaughter facility and a livestock market centre in Nakonde of Muchinga Province, at a combined cost K6.4 million, has been completed.

Muchinga Province Permanent Secretary Davison Mulenga says construction of the two livestock facilities in the district is a major boost towards livestock development in the border town. Captain Mulenga told the Zambia News and Information Services (ZANIS) that President Edgar Lungu has been advocating for the diversification of the economy adding that construction of livestock slaughter facility at Mwenzo and a livestock market centre at Old fife will contribute greatly to the economic growth of the district.

Capt. Mulenga said livestock farmers in Nakonde and Muchinga in general are happy with the construction of the livestock facilities. “Construction of the livestock facilities will boost the livestock development in the border town and Muchinga as a whole,” said Capt. Mulenga. And Musyani Livestock Cooperative Chairperson Sunday Gondwe says the livestock slaughter facility at Mwenzo in Nakonde has capacity to process 20 tonnes of meat translating into 200 cows being slaughtered per week.

Mr. Gondwe said the livestock slaughter facility will also create more jobs and wealth in the livestock sector. He also commended the contractor Lamasat International Limited for the good workmanship on the project. “This is a good project for us and once commissioned and operational, this facility will create more wealth and jobs in the livestock sector,” said Mr. Gondwe. “This is a livestock slaughter facility, a kind of its own in Muchinga, a marvel piece of infrastructure,” Mr. Gondwe added.

Meanwhile, acting Nakonde District Fisheries and Livestock Marketing Officer, Oweni Malambo, says construction of a livestock market center at a cost of 4.5 million at Old fife is a major development towards livestock development in the border town.

Mr. Malambo said livestock farmers in the border had no permanent place where to sale their livestock. He added that the livestock market centre in Nakonde will also be used as bulk centre where farmers can come and offload their livestock in readiness for sale. “With plans to sale goats outside the country, in Nakonde we have grabbed this opportunity and we are working towards that and with the construction of this livestock market centre, we are several steps ahead,” said Mr. Malambo.



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