Member of Parliament for Kabwata constituency , Given Lubinda says government  is building clinics within communities because people deserve health facilities closer to their homes.

Mr Lubinda who is also Minister of Justice said government has built a clinic in the area so as to decongest the Chilenge level one hospital.

Mr Lubinda said this in Lusaka today when he commissioned the over K927 thousand Michael Chilufya Sata clinic built in his constituency.

 “We built this facility for ourselves, we built this facility because the people in this area deserve a facility close to their home,” Mr Lubinda said.

Mr Lubinda noted that the newly built hospital is meant to decongest the Chilenje level one hospital as the hospital is only supposed to be accessed through referrals from primary health care centers.

 “As all of you are aware, Chilenje only has one hospital which is only supposed to be accessed through referrals,” he said.

He also commended the Chilenge ward 8 civic leader, Patrick Mwape and the residents of Rock field for protecting the clinic land from illegal encroachment.

Speaking at the same event, Chilenje ward 8 councilor, Patrick Mwape said the clinic is of great significance to the residents of Chilenje ward 8 as the population of Chalala has increased in the last few years thereby causing congestion at Chilenje level one hospital.

“The clinic will provide primary care services which will make room for the level one hospital to provide secondary health care services which in turn ensure timely response,” the civic leader added.

 Meanwhile, Lusaka Province Acting Health Director, Sophia Msiska has urged residents to guard the facility well and refrain from vandalism.

Dr Msiska commended government for remaining committed to achieving their goal to provide universal health coverage to all Zambians without leaving anyone behind by prioritizing and building a health facility.

 “I congratulate area member of parliament, the councillor and the city council for prioritizing and building this wonderful health facility,” she said.

And Patriotic front Kabwata constituency Chairperson, Travor Ngandu took the opportunity to thank honorable given Lubinda for his hard work he exhibited as area member of parliament for Kabwata for 20 year.

Mr Ngandu expressed pleasure that Kabwata is one of the well-developed constituencies in the country due to the dedication and hard work of its area member of parliament.



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