WWF calls for protection of Dambwa Forest




WILD Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) has urged residents of Livingstone to protect Dambwa Forest which is being decimated at an alarming rate.

The organisation observed that the forest was being destroyed by people who were expected to protect it.

WWF Landscape Restoration Project Coordinator, Abel Siampale, observed that the locals were cutting down trees indiscriminately due to the loss of proper management and supervision of the forest.

Mr Siampale told the Daily Nation that the trees in the forest were depleting at a fast rate and warned that if the trend of indiscriminate cutting down of trees continued, then the forest would be a desert at one point.

He said if the entire Dambwa forest was lost, it would be a challenge to Livingstone residents as the ecosystem would be negatively affected.

Mr Siampale added that the forest should be taken as an ecotourism potential site to preserve and protect the forest habitants and flow of water.



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