Civil servants indulging in partisan politics to be dismissed – Nundwe

A34-YEAR-OLD man of Kawelang’a village in chief Musele chiefdom in Kalumbila district in North-Western Province has drowned in Musangezhi dam. North-Western Province Commissioner of Police, Joel Njase confirmed the incident in a statement yesterday.

 “Incident occurred between 26 April 2021 between 16:00 hours and 27 April, 2021 at 09:00 hours at Musangezhi dam in Kalumbila, reported on 27 April, 2021 at around 09:30 hours by male Samulota Gideon aged 48 years who is also of Kawelang’a village in Musele chiefdom of Kalumbila district,” Mr Njasa said.

He said police were informed that male Alex Chitotola aged 34 years of Kawelang’a village in Musele chiefdom in Kalumbila, drowned in Musangezhi dam. Mr Njase said information gathered from Beatrice Lusati aged 45 years and Memory Mulusa aged 22 years, revealed that the duo saw the deceased person paddling towards the shore of Musangezhi dam where he had gone to check on his fishing traps. “Then he told them that he wanted to swim.

After telling them that he dived into the dam and got drowned in their presence about 50 metres away from the shore,” he said.

Mr Njase said the body of the deceased person has since been retrieved from the dam by male Fedson Samalonga, a local diver, with the help of community members. He also said the body of the deceased was inspected by police and no visible injuries were seen and relatives have since been advised to bury the body of the deceased person which is lying in Kawelang’a village awaiting for burial as no foul play is suspected.



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