SOS roundabout design worries safety group



THE Road Safety Ambassadors (RSA) and the Zambia Roads and Highway Safety Groups have expressed concern at the increased number of traffic accidents at the SOS roundabout in Lusaka on Great North Road.

RSA chief executive officer, Robby Fundi said that the two groups have noted that hardly a week passes without a truck having trouble negotiating the roundabout.

He said that from their joint visit to the roundabout, they discovered that the design of the traffic circle was badly done.

“From the onsite visit to the SOS roundabout and the chat with truck drivers found on the scene helping a fellow accident victim, the groups note that the design did not take into consideration the space needed to negotiate the traffic circle by heavy goods trucks and long vehicles.

“There is no adequate signage as one approaches the roundabout and the only sign found near the circle is not placed far enough for truckers to notice and reduce speed. Warning rumps can be placed a few meters to alert drivers on their approach to the roundabout,” he said. Mr Fundi noted that the roundabout was too big while the lanes around the traffic circle were too narrow to accommodate two heavy trucks moving at the recommended speed.

Zambia Roads and Highway Safety Group Administrator, Mthoniswa Banda, observed that the lanes on approach to the roundabout and exit were too sharp, making it hard for trucks and heavy vehicles to safely negotiate the bends. “That the island inside the roundabout needs speed arresters or sand to stop any car or vehicle that over shoots the roundabout “The Road Safety Ambassadors and the Zambia Roads and Highway Safety Groups therefore call on the Road Development Agency and the road constructor to return to the SOS roundabout to remedy the problems associated with this road,” Mr Banda said.



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