…abandons Matero MP quest as Patriotic Front gears up for elections

 THE residents of Lusaka, recently got a shock to the system when social media’s favourite Mayor announced intention to contest for the National Assembly seat of Matero under the Patriotic Front ticket. However, witihin a few days Mayor Miles Sampa announced that he was withdrawing from the Parliamentary race to instead re-contest the position of Lusaka Mayor.

 In a letter addressed to the Lusaka PF District Committee and copied to PF Secretary General, Mr Sampa said he had announced a decision to abandon the Mayoral race. Mr Sampa said this was done after consultations with his wife, his mother, his children, his sisters, his brothers, the extended family and friends but fortunately things changed.

“On the 12th and 16th March, 2021, I lodged in my application with Lusaka PF District and Provincial offices to re-contest as Mayor of the City of Lusaka in the upcoming 12th August General Elections. I attach herewith a copies of the said application letter for your ease of reference. After further consultations with my wife, my mother, my children, my sisters, my brothers, my extended family and my friends, I wish to withdraw the aforementioned application forthwith,” Mr Sampa said. “Accordingly, please consider the application Null and Void hereon,” he said.

The City Father then continued to demonstrate on Boba TV just why he is the favourite. THE MAYOR SAID This afternoon, I lodged a copy of my application letter to the PF Lusaka Province Office to re-con[1]test the Lusaka Mayoral seat in the August 2021. Together We Can MBS16.03.2021, 5pm



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