PAZA calls for speeding up of minimum wage for journalists

Mr. Sakala

Press Association of Zambia (PAZA) Executive Director Andrew Sakala has called on government through the Ministry Of Labor and Social Security Services to quickly introduce a minimum wage for journalists.

Speaking in an interview with ZANIS on Tuesday, Mr Sakala said PAZA is looking forward to seeing journalists being given a proper minimum wage which will improve their lives unlike the current situation which has also contributed to ethical decay among journalist who have now turned to handouts.

He added that journalists will do objective reporting if government quickly introduces a minimum wage as they will overlook handouts and be factual in their duties.

Meanwhile PAZA has advised journalists to form or join unions that will speak on their behalf in improving working conditions.

Mr. Sakala said most of the working conditions for journalists have remained poor because they have no unions to bargain on their behalf.

“It is sad to note that a highly qualified Journalists who are voices for the people in society are receiving less wages,” he said.

Mr. Sakala stated that poor service of conditions has been a source of concern for most media practitioners hence the need for them to form unions or join already existing ones for their plights to be addressed.

“Unions will look into the needs of Journalists and will negotiate for better working conditions,” he said.

Last Month Ministry of labour and Social Security Services revealed that it will introduce a minimum wage for journalists in a bid to enhance professionalism.



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