Lusaka Province records reduced incidence of malaria


Lusaka Provincial Health Director Consity Mwale, says Lusaka province has recorded reduced malaria incidence rate of 21 cases per 1000 people in 2020 from 30 cases per 1000 people in 2019.
Dr. Mwale states that Lusaka, Kafue, Chilanga, Chongwe and Chirundu districts have been recording lower malaria incidence rates of all ages from 1-49 cases for the past 3 years while the prevalence rate remains slightly higher in Rufunsa and Luangwa districts.
ZANIS reports that Dr Mwale was speaking during the official opening of a virtual meeting on malaria elimination strategies for parliamentarians from the health, community development and social services committee under the Ministry Of Health.
The Provincial Health Director said the areas recording high malaria cases are as a result of living in valleys which are near water bodies which is a breeding ground for the female mosquitoes which transmit malaria.
Dr. Mwale further stated that to achieve malaria elimination targets within the province, the Lusaka provincial health office end malaria council has been established and the provincial permanent secretary is chairperson.
The ministry of health in collaboration with partners, developed the National Malaria Elimination Strategic Paper (NMESP) for 2017 to 2021. This document is intended to serve as a framework for a coordinated and collaborative approach to malaria elimination in Zambia. – ZANIS



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