Police harassing faithful? (Pictures)



A PASTOR of Zani Muone has complained that despite some churches adhering to the guidelines such as ensuring not more than 50 people gather in a place, police officers have continued to harass congregants.

Pastor Simon Kangwa of Divine Ministry said that the government clearly stated that people can worship for few hours and that only less than 50 people can gather but the situation is different from law enforcers.

He said that law enforcement officers are doing the opposite of what was announced regarding public gathering hence they end up abusing citizens.

Pastor Kangwa has since called on the Zambia police and the minister of Home Affairs to ensure that law enforcers to avoid harassing residents in the name of fighting Covid19.

Government through President Edgar Lungu recently banned social gatherings such as church services, Bars and night clubs as a preventative measure to the spread of the virus.  Police spokesperson Esther Katongo announced that police will use minimum force to prevent people from patronizing bars and night clubs.

Ms. Katongo said that police officer will be whipping anyone found breaking the law regarding social distancing by drinking beer.

Lusaka province minister Bowman Lusambo also clearly stated that police officers will beat anyone found wanting.

He said that despite the directive, people have continued gathering to drink beer and holding other gatherings.

Meanwhile, some videos of Police beating people found in bars and churches have emerged on social media.



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