Man sued for refusing to pay damage fine


CEASAR MBEWE writes                                                                                              


A MAN of Lusaka’s Makeni Kongo area has been dragged to Kanyama Local Court for refusing to pay damage fees.

Harrington Mweemba, 26, a businessman has been sued by his father in law, Nathan Phiri, 49, of the same locality for refusing to settle damage fees. 

The court was told that on unknown date in 2018 Mweemba deflowered Phiri’s daughter and he accepted responsibility.

Mweemba told local court magistrate Mubukwanu Matakala that he was charged K9000 in damage fees which his mother agreed to pay in installments but since then nothing has been paid.

Phiri told the court that Mweemba’s mother assured him of the money as soon as she had it.

He said his daughter had to stop school to take care of the child while Mweemba continued to play around.

 “When my daughter was deflowered by this boy, his mother said she will pay once she had the money but nothing has been paid and this boy is very rude, whenever I ask him about the money he answers me very rudely,” Phiri said.

In his defence, Mweemba said he did not refuse to pay the money because he loved his baby’s mother and that if his father in law could give him a bit of time he would start paying the money as agreed.

“I did not refuse to pay, the problem is with my father-in-law likes money very much, my mother agreed for the sake of peace but she is too old to work that’s why I said when my business picks up I will pay. Right now I’m just a making enough to take care of my old mother and my siblings,” Mweemba said.

Magistrate Mubukwanu Matalaka ordered Harrington to pay the money in installments of K500 monthly as earlier agreed between the parties.


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