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IT IS nice to learn that the construction of Kazungula Bridge is on course and will be completed as scheduled as announced by Vice President Inonge Wina.

Ms. Wina did not stop at that but she also assured that the government is committed to ensuring that the project is completed and will ensure that it contributes its share of the funding.

However, this is my take on the subject of this bridge

For me, I think it is Botswana that will benefit the most from the project at the expense of Zimbabwe.

Botswana can show more urgency than Zambia because the project is for the transfer of traffic from Zimbabwe to Botswana and Zimbabwe has been unhappy about that.

 They have likely asked Zambia to delay the completion until after Zimbabwe has recovered economically.

Trucks passing through Zimbabwe are pouring the much-needed dollars there.

Economic History: Zambia and Botswana are peers when it comes to gaining independence from Britain ( 1964 and 1966 respectively).

Question is, why did it take the two peers this long to build the Kazungula Bridge especially with frequent accidents and pontoon breakdowns?

And yet Namibia immediately after independence brought up the proposal and in no time a bridge at Katima Mulilo was commissioned.

Zimbabwe gained independence in 1980, naturally and economically with no bridge at Kazungula yet the newly independent Zimbabwe was/is the most feasible route to haul heavy traffic down south.

But all the same we shall eagerly wait for the completion of this bridge.



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