ANOTHER KILLER CAPTURED – man is stabbed to death at a market


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A DRINKING spree ended in tragedy for a Kabanana family when two family members where attacked and stabbed to death as members of the public at a nearby market watched.

The killer, who was part of a gang of six, was however apprehended by traders at a nearby market who had seen him stab the victim.

This is barely after another suspected killer was apprehended by members of the public after he had murdered his wife and gone into hiding.

Mourners at the funeral house

As   Joseph Mwila, 32, lay on the ground bleeding, traders at Kabanana Market gave chase and managed to apprehend one of the attackers while his five accomplices escaped.

He was stabbed at the back on his neck and immediately fell down much to the shock of on lookers.

Victoria Kasakamuna, victims mother

Mwila was attacked while in the company of three other family members, but two managed to run away as he was being stabbed, just outside the market.

Mwila’s mother, Ms Victoria Kasakamuna, suspects her son was killed by criminals who had robbed him a few days earlier as left Buseko market were he was a timber trader.

She is convinced the attack was not random but premeditated.

She wants justice for her son and is determined that the person arrested is not released after hearing that his relatives had been making overtures to have him freed.

 Mwila was on Sunday evening attacked by six people while coming from a drinking spree at Kabanana market.

His mother explained that on the material day in the afternoon, her son in the company of    three relatives left home for the market.

Simon Chota

She said few hours later she received a message that someone had been attacked at the market and when she rushed to the scene, discovered that it was her son.

Ms Kasakamuna said her son was a businessman who used to deal in timber at Buseko market and that prior to his death he was robbed of more than K3,5oo while returning home.

She believed the people that robbed him were the same ones who murdered him.

Ms Kasakamuna said that the suspect was being held at Chipwalo police post holding cells.

She also said relatives of the suspect have been requesting police to release him on police bond.

And narrating the ordeal to Sun, Simon Chota 42, who survived the attack said six men first attacked him and later went for his brother who was in front.

Simon Chota:

We left home around 15:00 hours with three other relatives to have a beer at a place called Complex. We sat the three of us at a bar and started drinking beer.

Around 18:00 hours we decided to return home. When we were about to leave the shops we found three men standing while three others were on the other side of the road.

When we by passed the three men, I just felt a heavy object hitting me on the back. When I turned I saw a man holding a knife trying to stab me so I covered my face with my hands and that is how he stabbed my hands.

I fell down as the other three men went for my brother and stabbed him. I saw my brother lying on the ground in a pool of blood.

Because it was around 18:00 hours people were still at the market and they chased the men but only managed to capture one person who was later taken to Chipwalo police post and he admitted killing my brother and promised to help the police in finding the others.

Meanwhile residents of Kabanana compound have expressed concern over the high crime rate in the area.

One of the residents, Masasule Kumwenda said people were living in fear because of criminals attacking residents.

“We are living in fear as residents because a week cannot pass without hearing about a person being attacked. From the look of things it is a certain group of criminals that is terrorizing people.

“The Zambia Police should reinforce security before more lives are lost. Few officers at Chipwalo cannot contain the crime situation in the area crime,” he said.


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