Chirundu relief maize sales begin


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THE sale of relief maize from the Food Reserve Agency (FRA) has begun at Pamazana Shed in Chief Chipepo’s area in Chirundu District.

Addressing the crowd of people that thronged the shed to buy the maize today, District Commissioner Alfred Hamunjo advised beneficiaries to be orderly and patient while buying the commodity.

Mr Hamunjo told the people that the district disaster management committee had worked tirelessly to ensure the maize was successfully delivered in the district despite many challenges.

He warned the people not to buy more than two bags per household to enable more people to access the maize.

Mr Hamunjo said the price for a 50kg bag was K111 and that no one was allowed to overcharge for the commodity.

He said that households who already bought the maize, would only be allowed to again secure the commodity after two weeks.

Mr Hamunjo said the maize was meant for all the 10 wards in the district.

And speaking at the same gathering, Chirundu district council chairman Robison Sianduba warned the villagers that they should give chance to each other especially the elderly people while buying.

He said if there will be any report of indiscipline and theft, Chief Chipepo will be told and the maize will be taken to another place.

Mr Sianduba said their behaviour would determine whether the district leadership could lobby for more maize.

Chief Chipepo’s representative and private secretary Emmanuel Dyololo assured the district leadership that the maize would be secured and distributed in an orderly manner.

He said the maize was stored at the shed and no theft of the commodity had so far been recorded.

Mr Dyololo said many people would access the relief maize because Pambazana Shed was centrally located.

He thanked Government for sending the relief commodity to the area where most households were in dire need of it.

Mr Dylolo said the supply of relief food to the area would help avoid people walking long distances to neighbouring Zimbabwe where they were sometimes even ill-treated.

Ngombe Illede councillor Sharon Palicha said she was grateful to the district disaster management committee (DDMC) for facilitating the delivery of the relief maize.

FRA, working with the DDMC, recently delivered 600 bags of relief maize each weighing 50kg to Chrirundu for sale to hunger-affected households.

Queen Siamungala, a resident of Pambazana area, expressed happiness about the relief maize.

She the people would no longer need to walk long distances or spend more money to buy maize from Zimbabwe.


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