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CHIRUNDU Central Ward councillor Chrispin Malesu has advised the district council to clear all outstanding and pending plots to avoid attracting unnecessary law suits from the developers.

Mr Malesu warned the council that getting money for plots from citizens before plots were demarcated exposed the local authority top legal action.

Speaking during a full council meeting on Friday at Mtudzi Nadi Lodge, Mr Malesu said the affected residents were planning to sue the council if they were not given the plots they had paid for.

And in response Chirundu district council secretary John Mwanza admitted that some people were interviewed and paid premium fees, but some plots allocated to them had not yet been demarcated.

Mr Mwanza said other plots were given to different people.

He said the affected residents were asked to submit their receipts so that they were priotised when demarcating new plots.

Chirundu district council planner Lazarous Ngoma said the plots were given by the traditional leadership and that he had asked for a list of the people affected so that the council did not give the new plots to undeserving individuals.

Meanwhile, Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) has apologised for the delay in addressing the spillage of a septic tank in Apollo Township.

Project manager David Zimba was responding to a question from Mr Malesu, who wanted to know what measures the institution was putting in place to protect residents.

Mr Zimba said the issue would be addressed after three weeks and promised that within this month progress would be seen.

He said ZRA was considering long-term measures by ensuring that any office in the ZRA yard had its own septic tank to avoid inconveniences.

Meanwhile, Ingombe Ilede Ward Councillor Sharon Dimba Palicha has appealed to Government through the Ministry of Health to supply enough medicines in clinics.

Mrs Palicha counselled the relevant authority against issuing statements which distorted the actual situation on the ground.

She was referring to Chirundu district health office’s recent report regarding the status of medicine at Chipepo Clinic.

But district health director Kaunda Lembalemba said there was always a substitution of any medicine at the clinic and said his office would never be a time where a clinic would run without medicines.

Former Kambale Ward councilor and Kafue constituency Patriotic Front vice chairman Charles Mandiki urged Government to encourage more donors and non-governmental organisations to develop the rural areas.


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