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THE Lusaka Boma Local Court has dismissed an application for the revocation of the appointment of administrators of a dead man’s estate to protect the interests of beneficiaries.

Senior magistrate Peggy Nyambe threw out the application by Kaya Fedrick Mwanza, 29, who had sued his brother, Paul Mwanza, 56, of Avondale, and his sisters-in-law Zangose Jere, 32, of Garden House and Dorothy Zimba, 38, of Kitwe.

Mwanza wanted the court to revoke the appointment of Jere and Zimba as administrators, accusing them of failure to manage his brother’s estate fairly and transparently.

He said his older brother died in 2016 and left behind two children, a widow and a farm.

The family agreed that the farm should be for the two children because they were still young.

“My brother married Zimba and had a child with her and later divorced her. He then married Jere and had one child with her, but the thing is these people are not doing their work properly as administrators.

“They do things on their own without letting us know exactly what is happening,” he said.

“Jere and Zimba want to sell the land, but didn’t update us on title deeds and some other requirements. That’s the reason I want them out because they are causing a lot of confusion,” Mwanza said.

Paul said he was ready to step down because he was tired of the wrangles.

But Jere and Zimba refused to step down saying they had an important role to play since the land which was being talked about was for their children.

“I have a little child and am the one who is taking care of her. So I can’t step down,” Jere said.

And Zimba said, “I cannot step down because I am standing in for my daughter.”

The court dismissed the case because there was no need to revoke the appointment of Paul, Jere and Zimba as administrators.

“Case dismissed because there is no need for them stepping down when they are the real beneficiaries.

“They are advised to live in harmony,” magistrate Nyambe ordered.


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