Poor roads irk John Laing residents


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RESIDENTS of Lusaka’s John Laing Township have bemoaned the poor state of roads in their area.

The residents complained in an interview that during the rainy season, most roads became impassable but that their cry fell on deaf ears.

One of the residents, Wongani Nkhata said that she and fellow residents had been complaining about the state of roads for a long time but to no avail.

“We’re not happy with the poor road network in this area, the construction of roads is long overdue and it has been affecting us especially during the rainy season because the roads become impassable,” Ms. Nkhata said.

She complained that some areas within Lusaka were enjoying good road networks and wondered why it was different with them.

She said that authorities needed to hear their cry and come to their aid and ensure that the roads were upgraded to better standards.

“We requested for better roads a long time but do not know why we have not yet received an outcome yet. Why is government segregating?” she asked.

Another resident, Jabulani Zulu called for intensified police patrols in the area to contain the rising number of jobless criminals.

Mr. Zulu said that there were a number of cases where the criminals attacked people and stole from them without any of them being apprehended.

He said that police should quickly move in for the sake of peace and sanity.


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