Chirundu DC promotes sexual reproductive health


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PUPILS in Chirundu should intensively be exposed to sexual reproductive health to prevent them from engaging in immoral activities, says district commissioner Alfred Hamunjo.

Mr Hamunjo said the programme should involve pupils from grade six to 12.

He explained that the reason for teaching pupils reproductive health especially girls, was because more children were being exposed to social media where their morals were being corrupted.

He said in the end, there was an upsurge in unwanted teenage pregnancies and school drop outs.

He has advised parents not to be shy but to talk about sex with their children.

“A long time ago grandparents used to give information about sex to their grandchildren, that is why parents think it is a taboo to talk about sex with their children,

Pupils in Chirundu should intensively be exposed to sexual reproductive health to prevent them from engaging in immoral activities, says district commissioner Alfred Hamunjo.

“But this generation most of them do not have grandparents that is why mothers and fathers should take it up on themselves and give correct information to their children because they are close to them and no one will teach them,” he said.

Mr. Hamunjo said this when a team from Medicines Transparency Alliance (META) Zambia paid a courtesy call on him at his office yesterday.

META is an alliance of partners working to improve access to medicines through transparency and accountability in healthcare market places.

Mr. Hamunjo expressed optimism that sexual reproductive health would help the children to make well informed and knowledgeable decisions about their sexual lifestyle.

“And no one will intimidate or lie to them in order to have sex with them,” he said

 He said the information would also help married couples to practice child spacing and plan well for their families.

The DC has thanked stakeholders and donors who had come on board to help government in supplementing government efforts in providing funds for sexual reproduction health campaign activities.

META national coordinator Mr. Liyoka Liyoka said issues of sexual reproductive health, usage and accessibility of commodities were very important to every community and hoped that there would be positive results harvested at the end of the campaign.

He said people must take keen interest in matters of maternal health and be able to hold their leaders accountable when there are no commodities and hopes that META will achieve its recommendations.


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