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WOMEN football in Zambia lacks recognition and support from fans, the media and the Football Association of Zambia (FAZ), says National Assembly women soccer team Coach Elophy Kutayaya.
Kutayaya said that was despite knowing that women football had existed in Zambia for many years.

She told the Sun Sport in an interview that the main problem with Zambian women football was that it was a neglected sport which had not been fully sponsored.
Kutayaya said that if fully sponsored, women football had the potential to create a positive impact among the women folk in society.
He said that trends had changed world over because women now held key positions in society hence the need to fully recognize their involvement in sport for the betterment of society.
“The world is changing, you find that in Britain the Prime minister is a woman, here in Zambia our vice president is a woman and some cabinet ministers are women even some parliamentarians are women so people must admit that women are human beings who can effect change for the development of football in this country,
“There is something that women football can offer but the sponsorship of the sport is not equal to the task, because if sponsored, it can draw even other women who are just drinking beer and doing other vices,” she said
Kutayaya observed that some women shunned the sport in preference to doing some odd jobs due to lack of monetary motivation in football.
He said that the rules in the sport where not different from their male counterpart despite the women sport being neglected.
”We are equal to the task just like our male counterparts now the problem is that we are not fully recognized by the media, the association and the Government,”
With women football, the only people that I give credit are the coaches who have been pushing the sport because they are the ones who train the girls.
For the media, you only come if there is an international game, even if you read the back pages in the papers or listen to radio and TV, the sport is not covered.


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