Chinese doctors provide free medical services on African Day


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CHINESE doctors working in Zambia have provided free medical services to the workers of AVIC international and their families residing in Lusaka as a way of commemorating the African Freedom Day.

The event which took place at Avic camp in Lusaka’s Chainda area on Saturday, May 25, 2019 saw the Chinese 20th medical team offering free medical diagnosis to Avic international L400 PROJECT staff, both Zambian and Chinese including their family members and neighbours.

The medical services that were offered included surgical, electrocardiogram, ultra-sound, BP, among others.

Speaking at the occasion, Chinese medical team leader Jiang Hongwei said it was China’s desire to supplement Zambian government efforts in improving the health sector.

Dr Hongwei said the Chinese 20th medical team would endeavor to give the best medical services to the Zambian people.

“Meanwhile, we are exploring the model of medical round trip among resident hospitals to deepen cooperation among team members for major operation to solve big problems. We put ourselves in the circumstances of locals and Chinese in Zambia adapt to local conditions,” Dr Hongwei.

Meanwhile, L400 branch project manager Wang Wenxin said who thanked the Chinese medical team for offering free medical services to Avic workers said the gesture was an evident symbol of the friendship between Zambia and China.

“China and Zambia enjoy the great friendship. AVIC L400 project an evident symbol of friendship between the two countries,” Mr Wenxin said.

He said as a Chinese enterprise with full corporate responsibility, Avic was focused on enhancing the development of local economy and assisting the Zambian government to deal challenges such as transportation, employment, agriculture and livelihoods issues.

And one of the Avic workers, Eneya Phiri who received   free medical services thanked both his employer and the Chinese 20th medical team.

“This is awesome. I thank Avic and Chinese 20th medical team for these services because, normally, we pay when we go to the hospital for such services. My African freedom day celebration has made sense because I now know my status in terms of health and I will continue living health by following what the doctor told me,” Phiri said



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