DAPP decries high poverty levels in Zambia


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POVERTY in Zambia, especially in rural communities is a major problem hindering improved welfare for millions of smallholder farmer and their families, says Development Aid from People to People in Zambia (DAPP) managing director  Elise Soerensen.

Ms Soerensen said it was for that reason that her organisation would strive to help improve education, promote lifelong learning, and help mitigate the effects of global warming, says managing director Elise Soerensen.

She said DAPP Zambia had a vision to see Zambia with equal opportunities for all and free from poverty illiteracy and diseases

Ms Soerensen said DAPP had a strong and visionary local organisation with a long history of successfully implemented community development activities which included the promotion of human right for all.

Ms Soerensen was speaking at a media breakfast to launch the 2018 DAPP year report programme.

She said her organisation had, throughout its 29 years of existence worked shoulder to shoulder with people in Zambia to implement projects to improve health including stopping the HIV epidemic, reducing poverty using locally available resources.

“In spite of significant positive changes realized through a combined effort carried out by people and the organisation all over Zambia, we still have a long way to go,

She said the effects of global warming increased the vulnerability with increased weather calamities especially in the Southern parts of Zambia adding that, inequality had increased significantly and according to the Work Bank Country Diagnosis 2018, Zambia has the second highest inequality in the Southern Africa Region.

Ms Soerensen said shopping malls were being constructed in big cities and towns while the majority of young people remained unemployed, with no means for a decent living.

She said children in rural communities lacked teachers and in spite of increased, enrollment many children left school too early.

“While we are happy for the achievement in the past years there is urgent need for change  in demands for increased efforts and increased scale. To achieve the UN 2030 agenda for Sustainable Development, we must win the battle against poverty,” she said.

Ms Soerensen said there was need to improve individuals in their health and education service especially in rural communities by providing human rights for all citizens.

She said to achieve that, the people needed to be empowered individually and while  communities needed structures such as Famers’ Clubs, Community and Youth Action Groups to improve their lot.

Meanwhile DAPP director of programmes Mwansa Katunga said the organisation was spread in all the 10 provinces of Zambia covering about 63 districts and was currently running 9 different projects


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