Father sends SOS for swollen boy, 3


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PARENTS of a three-year-old boy, Matthews Imasiku, have appealed for help to save the life of their child, who has a swollen face.

The boy is suffering from an unknown illness.

The father of the boy, Imbuwa Imasiku, who is a security officer at a security company in Lusaka, said their son had been suffering from the unknown illness since October last year and that all the treatment had failed.

Mathews Linasiku before the illness

Matthew is unable to see and parents have to feed him through a tube because he has difficulties in eating.

In an interview with the Sun, Mr Imasiku said when little Matthews developed sores in his mouth they visited the University Teaching Hospital (UTH) for checkups.

He was later admitted for three months during which he went through an operation.

Strangely, Mr Imasiku said, the boy’s face started swelling after the operation.

The parents are only giving him light meals through a syringe because his mouth is unable to open.     

“The boy eats from the syringe because of the growth in the month that is growing. We have done all the tests, scanning of the eyes and the brain; everything is okay,” Mr Imasiku said.

Parents praying for the boy

He said the family suspected that Matthew had cancer and took him to the Cancer Diseases Hospital where he spent some time, but experts discovered that the boy did not have cancer,” he said.

Mr Imasiku says he has tried everything to make the child well, visiting different hospitals and clinics, but nothing is working.

He is appealing to well-wishers to help find a solution to the child’s plight.

“We have been to different hospitals, but nothing has worked. We are appealing to well-wishers to help us where we can take this child so that he can be well again,” Mr Imasiku said.

And the Susan Imasiku, Matthew’s mother is distraught.

“The boy started getting sick last year, end of October. We took him to UTH and they discovered he had valves, which they removed in the mouth like sores. They were removing the flesh in the operation,” she said.

“We have been to a lot of hospitals. They have told us that they have failed and at one hospital they told us this child only has a few days; that he was going to die. We have tried everything and we still have hope that this boy can be fine. We are just depending on God now.”

The boys’ aunt, Prisca Musonda, says the parents had done everything possible to secure healing for the boy, but they have now run out of money.

Mathews father, Imbuwa Imasiku and family

This, Ms Musonda said, is making it difficult to provide for their four children.

“The hospitals are just telling us that they cannot give the child any help. They have failed. We have now been advised to go to Livingstone and we have run out of money,” she said.

All the family can do now is appeal to well-wishers to help find a solution to the little Matthew’s misery.

Ms Musonda appealed to pastors to pray for the child as intercessors.

She also appealed to the government to consider evacuating the child to South Africa for specialist treatment.

The family had read and heard about Government helping children whose parents were not able to take them for specialist treatment abroad.

After exhausting all its efforts to help the child the family is now only waiting for help from well-wishers.



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