Zambia records a drop in GBV cases


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CASES of Gender Based Violence (GBV) in Zambia decreased by 6 percent in the first quarter of 2019, says deputy Police Spokesperson Rae Hamoonga.

Mr Hamoonga said GBV cases decreased by 356 from 5,940 cases in 2018 to 5,584 countrywide in 2019

“There were 5,584 GBV cases reported countrywide during the first quarter of 2019 in comparison with the first quarter of 2018 which recorded 5,940 cases country wide recording a decrease of 356 cases translating into a 6% reduction in the cases recorded,” Mr Hamoonga said.

He explained that out of  5,584  GBV cases 557  cases representing  9.4%   were taken to court resulting in 64 convictions translating to 11.5%, 12 acquittals translating to 2.2%, 34 withdraws translating to 6.1%  and 447 translating to 80.3% still pending in various courts of law around Zambia.

He said out of other cases totaling 5027 cases, 2,767 were withdrawn at police stations translating to 55percent while 2,260 translating 45% were still pending under investigations.

Further, he announced, Zambia recorded 15 GBV related murder cases out of which 8 victims were females translating to 53.3%, 3 males representing 20% and 4 boys translating to 27%. A comparison with 2018 first quarter statistics which had 21 GBV related murder cases indicates a reduction of 6 cases representing a 28.6% reduction.

Mr Hamoonga, in a statement also said 495 cases of child defilement were recorded representing 8.9% of the reported cases and all victims were against girls.

He said Lusaka province recorded the highest number of child defilement   cases   with  225  translating  to  45.5%  of   the   child   defilement   cases   reported countrywide followed by Southern Province with 67 translating to 13.5%, Eastern Province had52  cases translating to  10.5%  while Central Province recorded  51  cases translating to  10%.

Mr Moonga said Zambia had also recorded 39 cases of indecent assault out of which 26 were women, 2 men and 11 girls.

In comparison with 2018 first quarter statistics which had 1993 Assaulted OABH cases, he said, the statistics showed a reduction of 113 cases translating to 5.7% reduction.

He said during   the   same   period   under   review,   Zambia   recorded 2 cases   of   human   trafficking involving a boy and a girl.

Mr Hamoonga appealed to members of the public to always exercise restraint and avoid committing GBV cases, adding that they should continue reporting GBV cases to the Police.



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