Bushiri’s arrest, unfortunate


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…but let the law take its course – BIGOCA



MEN of God should always lead by example in deeds and words, and it is very unfortunate that Shepherd Bushiri together with his wife have been arrested on charges of fraud and money laundering, says the Bible Gospel Church in Africa (BIGOCA).

Commenting on the arrest of a controversial church leader, Shepherd Bushiri and his wife over alleged criminal activities, BIGOCA Presiding Bishop Peter Ndhlovu

“It’s very unfortunate that it has ended up in that way that a man has been arrested. We are supposed to lead by example in deeds and words. Anything which is not founded on the truth, it will not stand a test of time.

“The truth, will always remain the truth. I pray that the South African government will do the money laundering investigations fully and then let the law take its own course.

“Yes as men of God, we need money but if we involve ourselves in scandals, it brings the entire ministries into disrepute. We don’t rejoice if one man is found in found wanting, because all of us are affected but our appeal is that let all those in the ministry do their work with all sincerity and fear God.

‘You Arrest Successful Black People Instead Of Poverty!’ – Prophet Uebert Angel Lashes Out At Bushiri’s Arrest Prophet Uebert Angel, the founder of Spirit Embassy, a Pentecostal ministry in Zimbabwe, has expressed his displeasure at the arrest of fellow prophet Shepherd Bushiri.

“Let the law take its course and if he is innocent, he will be vindicated. If he is found wanting, let the law take its course so that many people can learn a lesson because the bible say, what you sow you, reap,” Bishop Ndhlovu.

Angel said he fully supports Bushiri who is facing charges of fraud and money laundering, in South Africa.

He took to social media to lash out at the authorities.  The two men are very close friends and they often take pilgrimages together. Prophet Bushiri and his wife were on Friday arrested by the Hawks for allegedly repatriating R15million (about K13 billion) to their birth country Malawi – ZimEye


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