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AN EFFECTIVE health service delivery is a critical component of any healthcare system because it ensures a healthy nation.

It is also a key factor in reducing poverty and the occurrence of ‘poverty traps’ because a healthy nation guarantees a vibrant economic development which uplifts livings standards of the citizens.

But in Zambia, calls for an effective health service delivery system is being derailed by belligerent attitude of some health workers which has created broader implications on vulnerable communities.

Stories of ill-treatment of those seeking medical attention in many of our health centres, especially in remote clinics, are worrying.

It would appear our health personnel in these institutions are totally convinced that they are doing patients a great favor yet they are employed to offer a service for which they are paid.

Often times patients are shouted at for no reason and made to wait for longer hours before they can be attend to. 

Expectant mothers are made to regret the day they fell pregnant because they are scolded like children in a school playing ground.

Many in rural communities opt to deliver at their homes thereby putting their lives at more risk and pushing Zambia’s maternal deaths rate high. It is a hopeless situation.

 The ministry of Health should weed out the bad eggs to ensure the public continue to enjoy going to government hospitals and clinics.

This it must do because health service delivery is fundamental in determining a population’s health status, along with other factors such as social determinants of health.

In any well-functioning healthcare system, the network of service delivery should be comprehensive, accessible, continuous, people-focused, well-coordinated, accountable and efficient.

The government has built many health centres throughout the country aimed at easing the burden on people and this can be a reality provided the health providers are ready to work for the people.


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