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SUSPECTED witchcraft that includes spiritual sex has forced teachers at a rural school in Nakonde district, to desert their pupils while many others have applied  for transfer, which has adversely affected performance of Mulizye Primary School.

The teachers at the school have been forced to organize themselves to engage a witch finder to cleanse the school.

Teachers at Mulizye Primary School in Nakonde District are living in fear following mysterious acts of witchcraft in the teachers’ compound which included women being sexually assaulted by mystical beings.

Mulizye school deputy head teacher Israel Chabala told the Sun in an exclusive interview that witchcraft practices in the area were so rife and has affected the performance and wellbeing of teachers.

Mr Chabala said teachers at the school have been requesting for transfers that their lives were in danger due to the continued practice of witchcraft.

He said,” the teachers and all the staff want to leave the school because witchcraft practices have reached alarming levels.”

He said suspected wizards were having sex with female teachers and wives of male teachers.

‘‘What has been happening here at Mulizye Primary School is very unfortunate and we are living in fear following mysterious happenings.

The situation here is scary, wizards are having sex with people at night and this has been going on for over a year now,’’ Mr Chabala said.

“The incidents of witchcraft in this area are so rife and we have been troubled a lot, we are now living in fear and we want to leave this school before lives are lost,” Mr Chabala said.

He said teachers were afraid and deserting the school because of such acts.

Mr Chabala said the acts of witchcraft have reduced morale for the teachers thereby forcing them to request for transfers.

‘‘Last year three female teachers left the school and were transferred elsewhere because of the continued sexual encounters with wizards at night,’’ he added.

And Nakonde District Commissioner Field Simwinga appealed teachers in Nakonde District to live well with the community.

‘‘We  want all teachers sent here to live well with the community because some of these things you might think the community is wrong but teachers also might have a problem because they feel they have been deprived living in the township,’’ Mr Simwinga said

Mr Simwinga appealed to parents in the area to co-exist with the teachers so that their school going children can continue accessing education.

‘‘We had a sensitization meeting on Monday with Chieftainess Waitwika, the Police, and other community leaders to warn the community against such practices.

If they are practicing witchcraft why should they transfer it to innocent teachers, those teachers have been sent there so that their children can have can access to education,’’ Mr Simwinga said.

 Mr Simwinga however said there was no evidence that such practices were there and might just be one of teachers wanting to leave the area.


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