Police gun down robber in Kabwe


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THE police anti-robbery squad in yesterday gunned down an unidentified criminal who attempted to break into the Yalelo Fish Centre at the Chakwakwa Shopping Complex in Kabwe.

Central province police commissioner Chola Katanga confirmed the incident which he said happened about 03: 20 hours.

Commissioner Katanga explained that, the anti-robbery squad responded to a report of an ongoing break into the building but the robber, who is deemed to have been acting with others, attempted to charge at an officer after he emerged from the roof top.

The Police Commissioner said that an officer at that point then discharged the fire arm with

a view to maiming the criminal but he later died while being rushed to Kabwe Central Hospital due to suspected heavy bleeding.

Mr. Katanga said police are investigating the matter and have lifted finger prints from the scene – ZANIS


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