Criminals worry Kanyama residents


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CRIMINAL activities in Lusaka’s Kanyama compound are on the rise and residents have appealed to police to increase patrols in the area.

Many residents talked to said the situation needed urgent action before people lost their lives and properties.

They said  there was need for the police to patrol the area both during the day and night following the increased number of criminal activities perpetrated by a gang of young people commonly known as the ‘Junkies’.

One of the concerned residents, Mr. Moses Changala complained that the ‘Junkies’ terrorised residents in the area without any fear, a situation he described as unfortunate.

Mr. Changala complained that the group of young thugs attacked residents even in broad day light without any fear. “We need enough police presence  to stop this gang. We move in fear all the time because they attack people any time,” he said.

Another resident, Ms. Brenda Ngulube said that Junkies were known to people in the area.

Ms Ngulube said that the boys were well known by almost everyone in area, including their homes.

 “We may report them to the police but end up looking like liars at the end of the day as their families defend them. Some of these boys are children of well-known people in society who dare us to have their children arrested,” she said.

She said it was for the same reason that the thugs were not reported and left to continue terrorising innocent residents and robbing them of their personal belongings.

And when contacted for a comment, Kanyama Member of parliament Elizabeth Phiri said that she was aware of the problem constituents were facing.

 Ms Phiri said government through her office was doing all it could to ensure that security was intensified in the area.

And Police has called on members of the public to report such people to the police regardless of their status in society.

Police spokesperson Ether Mwata Katongo said that the law would catch up with whoever was found wanting.


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