Protect SME sector, Govt urged


DEVELOPMENT Activist Barnabas Zulu has urged the government to make the business environment more favourable for small and medium enterprises in 2023 by dealing with factors that are affecting the business sector in the country.
He said the energy sector is a major contributor to economic development and if not well handled SMEs are likely to suffer.
Mr. Zulu explained that Government needed to ensure that SMEs thoroughly enjoy the business environment without any interference.
He said that it is also important that the electricity export agreement Zambia has with other countries should be halted to meet the local demand.
Mr. Zulu added that the government should in 2023 subsidise other forms of energy such as solar for the country to have alternative sources of energy.
He said Zambians will be able to embrace other sources of energy once they become affordable.
Mr Zulu said other countries have switched to other energy sources because the government have made them affordable.


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