MP pledges economic growth to Kanchibiya
… Sunday Chanda comitted to campaign promise of development
SUNDAY Chilufya Chanda is no stranger to politics, having been an outspoken and active member of the Patriotic Front (PF) but he remains resolute to the people of Kanchibiya Constituency.
“I will never forget the hopes and dreams we shared on the campaign trail. I am always propelled by the same energy we summoned as we collectively faced our fears and challenges as Kanchibiya Constituency,” he said.
“This one thing I promise: we shall deal with our challenges and rise above our fears, one by one. Kanchibiya will never be the same again – watch the space.
He describes hiself as an agripreneuer and farmer and beieves in the farming potential of the country.”
The youthful lawmaker resigned from hs position as PF media director to contest for the Parliamentary seat in the 12 August 2021 General Elections and emerged victorious.
Kanchibiya specifically is home to one of the largest palm oil tree plantatins in the country.
The Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) invested K2.7 million to enable the out-grower scheme take-off, with 137 smallholder farmers having cultivated 80 hectares in Kanchibiya Constituency.
The out grower scheme is a US$28 million investment to be disbursed over the next four years.
IDC also planned to invest an additional US$5 million in ZamPalm to expand the capacity of the mill to handle output coming from the out grower scheme.
It is estimated that annual consumption of crude edible oil stands at 120,000 tonnes, with only 30,000 tonnes being supplied locally, while the rest is imported, amounting to US$70 million per year.
This is is what the Zampalm project seeks to change, with benefits being passed on to consumers. With this project, Zambia will soon change from a net importer to a net exporter of crude edible oil.
The project will change lives in Kanchibiya Constituency, Muchinga province and beyond.
Zampalm project sits on the Luchembe-Kopa-Nchubula road, which once rehabilitated, will open the area to heightened economic activity.
The Kanchibiya lawmaker is hopeful that locals will take advantage of the government’s farmer support programme to grow the economy.
“I am happy that treasury has released K960 million to pay farmers who supplied maize to the Food Reserve Agency (FRA). This is music to my ears and good news to my smallholder farmers in Kanchibiya Constituency who told me to ask when these delayed payments would come through. This is one issue I raised on the floor of the House repeatedly,” he shared recently.
“As they say, better late than never. To my dearest farmers, please put this money to good use.”
He reains comitted to ensuring his constituents benefit fro national resources.
On 17 December 2021, the MP debated the 2021/22 National Budget allocation for Muchinga Province with a call for the realignment of our development priorities in Parliament.
He stated that the Northern circuit, which includes Muchinga Province must tap into the market provided by the Great Lakes Region.
“We must be at the forefront advancing Zambia’s economic diversification agenda through cash crop agriculture and facilitation of private sector investment in world class trading amenities,” he said.
“While we look at DRC [Democratic Republic of Congo] as a strategic market for Zambia, let us position Luapula, Northern and Muchinga Provinces as launchpads for penetrating the the Great Lakes Region and its over 45 million plus consumers potential consumers – Burundi, Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda, and Western Tanzania.
“I also called on the Muchinga Provincial leadership to facilitate exchange programmes for its technocrats with Luapula Province in order to study its investment model and learn from it. ‘Amano mapuli, tupulafye’, let’s identify best practices within and outside Zambia and learn from them. Luapula Province has done a commendable job in repositioning that Province as an ideal destination for investment.
“Lastly, I called on the leadership to prioritize investment in infrastructure, forestry-related businesses, tree planting and safeguarding already existing projects like the Zampalm Plantation in Kanchibiya Constituency.”
He wants to see more people self employed with opportunities for economic growth.
He has vowed to achieve development across the constituency.
My personal values: Traditional Family values, Hardwork, Compassion, Humility.
I am a husband and a father. I was born in Masala Police Camp in Ndola on 12th September 1976 to a father who was a Policeman and a mother who was a housewife. I come from a poor background.
From Masala Police Camp, my father resigned from the Zambia Police to join Ndola City Council as Bar Manager in Kabushi township in Ndola. From Kabushi township, my father joined the Bank of Zambia, Regional Office under its Security department in 1979 until he opted to go on early retirement in 1994.
My passion for farming comes from my background because the only way we could survive with dad’s minimal income was to have a backyard garden, go to the field ‘kumabala’ and rare chickens and ducks at home.
I know what it means to be poor. I know what it means to have nshima with salt or nshima with sugar or nshima with roasted groundnuts- I have dedicated my life to helping improve people’s welfare in Kanchibiya Constituency.
I am a farmer, doing both crops and rearing cattle, goats, sheep and birds.
I hold an LLB Degree from University of Lusaka.
My political outfit is that I am a Pan Africanist who believes in African solutions to African problems.
I was elected Member of Parliament for Kanchibiya Constituency on 12th August 2021.
I am a staunch Christian (Catholic) who loves singing (although I don’t have a good voice for it) in the church and dancing to traditional drums.



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