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I am Chigozie Ginikachi Godwin.

I am Chigozie Ginikachi Godwin.

I was born into a family of 5.
I was different, I mean very different, because I had a problem with one of my legs,which causes me not to have a good posture, neither do I walk well, I limb.
Life has not been easy,many a time I’ve been body shamed.
On several occasions when I get issues with some students, they threaten to break the good leg left.
Each time I try to take myself as I am, the people around don’t encourage me, they pull me down with abusive words and compliments because of my leg;it got to a state where I dislike going to a new environment so as not to attract people’s attention to me.

The rejection from the opposite gender is another discouragement, I get castaway anytime I approach the opposite gender.

I have been a football fan and a player when I was much younger due to as my leg was not as curvy as it is right now.
I could manage to play until I grew older and the Leg got worst, which hindered me from playing.

Some people call me “the one leg boy” some will imitate my walking steps.

I feel bad anyway but there’s nothing I can do about it.
In 2012, my dad came to a decision of taking me for a surgery, i was really happy but then, a misfortune came upon me.

My dad had an accident which required a surgery,
My surgery plans shattered.
We spent 8 months in the hospital nursing my father,his condition run our pocket dry, after all the hardship, we lost our dad and my hope left with him,where is my hope.

At my dad’s funeral,my uncles gave me hope,they told me not to worry,they’ll fund for my surgery
Sometime later the issue got cold,no one was talking abut it but I always remember because it was my condition, I needed it the most.

My life continued, aside pumping blood, feeling inferior became my heart’s daily role.

Some of my relatives (from my mum’s family) had not seen me from a long time, they knew I had a problem with my leg but unaware of how bad it has become; because it has been long they saw me.

Some years later my grandmother died, so I traveled to the village for her interment.

My aunty saw my condition and referred us to an orthopedic hospital .

I and my mum went and saw a doctor, after seeing my condition,he said something can be done but it will cost alot.then;we returned Home.
My relatives would not be able to raise such a huge amount of money.
My mum took a decision not to give up, she was ready to give out all she had,
She was ready to sacrifice as much as she can.
My mum struggled and worked hard,
She spent all her savings till she was insolvent.

My relatives saw the aggression in my mums hunt for my well being,then!!,they contributed.

We went to the hospital again, this time;ready for the surgery.

Lying faced up in the theater my legs got injected and they all went weak.

I could see the surgical tools,they look injurious, I got scared.
My mum could hear the sound of my bones been broken as she stood outside the theater,
A pool of tears she shed.

The successful surgery was pain free and in a short time we got discharged.

I was happy I was gonna have a straight leg too.

Few days after we got discharged, I began having pains,I could not sleep neither could my mum,
I cry all days, the pain was much and unbearable, I could not walk,stand nor sit, the feeling was sorrowful.

At that moment I felt regrets running through me,
I shouldn’t have gone for the surgery, could this be the end of my life? I lament bitterly.

I went back to the hospital again of which i got and x-ray and they said everything will be fine,

But for how long will I keep enduring this hardship, I prayed to God to keep be alive through this so I could walk on my legs again.

God didn’t let me down,

I returned home and as time goes, I felt better.

Help tell those who call me “the one leg boy” I can walk like them now.

Some people see me today and ask for my twin who has one leg.
” I am the one who had one leg”

This is a testimony,
God is great!

As Chigozie’s story changed,so shall yours.



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