Chongwe family in the cold after being expelled from village


A 30 year old man of Lubansa village has allegedly been banished from his wife’s village in unexplained circumstances after living there for over 13 years and has been spending nights in the cold for 5 days now.

Advent Hanyinza narrated the ordeal to the Daily Nation in an interview yesterday. He disclosed that he came to the village in 2015 and has been living there and married from the same village. He said that the traditional leadership in the area asked him to vacate his residence after his wife’s grandfather, Mr. Amos Lukopa who gave him a piece of land died.

He revealed that he was invited by the late Amos Lukopa and later married his granddaughter and that he was in good terms with the late grandfather, but things started getting sour after his demise.

He said that the traditional leadership who included headwoman Lubansa and senior chieftaness Nkhomeshya’s personal assistant Mr. John Luputa asked him to leave the village together with his family.

He alleged that the traditional leadership told him that the land he was occupying was sold to an unnamed person who wanted to develop it.

He claimed that the traditional leadership further grabbed a piece of land that he purchased after he suggested that he moves on the same land.

He lamented that he was told that the land he bought would be handed over to the headwoman despite him having cultivated and planted maize on the said land. He wondered why they could not even allow him to wait until he harvested the crop.

A visibly confused Hanyinza narrated that the traditional leaders asked him to go back to Southern province where he came from.

He claimed that he even lost K18, 000.00 that he had kept in the house after selling part of his personal land. He disclosed that the family has been spending nights in the cold as their houses were demolished in what he described as a bizarre operation. “I have 5 children and a wife and we are all spending our nights outside as we have no means of traveling to my village in Southern province. My three year old daughter is currently sick because of sleeping in the cold,” he said.

He has since appealed to the government and civic organisations to come to his aid. He said that efforts to get assistance from the district commissioner has proved futile as he was advised that the matter was a traditional issue.

Meanwhile, efforts to get a comment from both the traditional leadership and the district commissioner, Mr. Evan Lupiya proved futile by press time.

Over 100 ZIBSIP students in limbo over results

OVER one hundred former Zambia Institute of Business Studies and Industrial Practice (ZIBSIP) students have not been issued with their results two years after writing their exams.

The students who studied education have expressed worry that they may be left out when government recruits the 30,000 teachers budgeted in the 2022 national budget.

The students who sought anonymity for fear of being victimized by the college management appealed to government to compel the school management to release their results so that they can be able to apply for teaching jobs when government recruits this year.

The former students who stormed ZANIS offices complained that it was unacceptable for the institution to fail to release their results two years from the time they wrote the examinations.

They lamented that they have been failing to get jobs in private schools that need teachers because they have no results to show prove of their qualification.

The students further complained that they are failing to explain to their parents as to why their results have not been released up to now.

“Our parents think that we failed the examinations as they are failing to believe that the school can be processing results for over two years, they spent a lot of money to pay for our studies and they now want a return from what they spent on through our employment which we cannot get without our examination results,” the students complained.

But Kitwe District Commissioner Lawrence Mwanza urged the students to remain calm as the process to release their results is underway.

Admitting that he has received complaints from the ZIBSIP students over the matter, Mr. Mwanza said he engaged the college principal this today who explained that the process has taken long because the college is still clearing the results with Mukuba University and University of Zambia to which the college is affiliated.

He said the two universities cannot certify results without fully verifying the validity of the results to avoid compromising the standard of education being offered.

“We engaged the managed at ZIBSIP to know why the process has taken long and we have been told that there is an issue of affiliation with University of Zambia and Mukuba University which is being worked on, there is a team that is technically scrutinizing the results which is going on so the students must bear with the institution they must not panic, they will get their results,” he said.

There can be no short cuts to the process as such students should allow the school management to complete the process, advised the District Commissioner.




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