BUUMBA CHIMBULU writes                                            

THE Federation of Small Scale Miners Association of Zambia (FSSMAZ) is ready to create a strong partnership with the Ministry of Mines in developing the small scale miners sub sector.

FSSAMAZ is available to partner with the Ministry of Mines with the purpose of sharing vital ideas in contributing to the development of the sub sector and the country as a whole, according to the Association president, Mr Joseph Mwansa.

According to Mr Mwansa, the explanation coming from the ministry of mines indicated that Government has a vision for the sub sector.

“FSSMAZ welcomes the great ideas that the Ministry of Mines have unveiled to the nation of Zambia. Great ideas are welcome.

“We are very much excited by the statement and hope that the interpretation will be great. We wait to see the fruit of the statement,” Mr Mwansa said in an interview.

He stressed that once suitable conditions were established in the environment for small scale miners to increase productivity and strengthen them, they would graduate into large scale miners.

In the past, Mr Mwansa recalled, the major problem had been lack of empowerment.

He emphasised that the small scale miners were a vehicle that could earn the country the much needed foreign exchange.

“A lot of pronouncements were declared without any action. The former Governments did not understand the importance and benefits of empowering the small scale miners.

“In addition, poverty in the communities can be reduced and eradicated through the resultant spiral effects of the small scale mining industry,” Mr Mwansa said.

He explained that there were more than a thousand small scale mines which were not in operational due to financial constraints.

He regretted that the only notable policy decision that positively impacted on the small scale mining industry in the 10 years was the re-duction of mineral royalty.



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