SOME organisations and Patriotic Front (PF) cadres want to sponsor youths to protest against government’s decision to suspend mining activities on all dumpsites on the Copperbelt, the UPND has charged.

Recently, Mines and Mineral Development Minister, Paul Kabuswe, announced the suspension of all activities on mine dump sites.

But UPND Copperbelt Vice-Provincial Youth Chairman Kangwa Kamando said his party would pursue organisers and hand them to police for crimes they had committed in the past if they do not stop their activities.

Mr Kamando said the decision by the Mines Minister was meant to benefit all the youths regardless of their political parties.

He said, therefore, that the PF cadres who used to benefit from the dumpsites should stop or face the wrath of the law.

He said those planning to protest over government’s decision to suspend mining activities on all dumpsites would be dealt with firmly because the UPND was still a united force which defeated the PF

“We are aware that some organisations together with some few PF criminals have bought T-shirts and organised money to protest over the Minister of Mines’ decision to suspend mining activities on all dumpsites on the Copperbelt

“We know the people involved name by name and house by house. So we will hunt them and hand them over to the police for the offences they committed. We have evidence of the offences they committed. So the decision is theirs, whether to live in harmony with us by not frustrating the government’s efforts or go ahead with their plans,” Mr Kamando said.

Mr Kamando said the UPND youths on would not allow few individuals with selfish interests to frustrate well-meant government decisions.

“For a long time only a few people benefited from the Black Mountain. This is not a PF era where they used few criminals to make money from the Black Mountain and then use the same money to terrorise residents

“When the Mines Minister is finished with the youth empowerment from the dumpsites, all of us we will be smiling and clapping hands. So let us support the Minister and government in general,” he said

And UPND Copperbelt Provincial Youth Chairman Daniel Kamenga said the suspension of all mining activities at all dumpsites would pave way for the creation of cooperatives so that all youths regardless of political affiliations could benefit from the dumpsites.

Mr Kamenga said youths should be patient and give chance to the government to do its work so that modalities for mining activities to benefit all the youths were put in place



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