TWENTY-FIVE tomb stones have been destroyed at a grave yard in Mwinilunga by some people who also attempted to exhume a body of a 103-year-old man buried last Sunday.

The motive behind the bizarre incident, which occurred on Monday, is not yet known and police have launched an investigation.

According to North-western province commissioner of police, Fred Mulenga, the intruders dug half way the grave of 103-year-old Shaderick Kangwala of Kabanda compound who was buried on Sunday.

Dr Mulenga said the intruders damaged the 25 tomb stones at Kawiko graveyard in Mwinilunga district.

He said police received a report of trespass on the burial site and malicious damage to property from the former Mwinilunga District Commissioner, Anolt Mapulanga.

“Police rushed to the scene and confirmed that 25 tomb stones had been destroyed and one grave was tampered with by the people who tried to exhume the body,” Dr Mulenga said.

He revealed that the grave was found dug half way.

Dr Mulenga said the family members of late Kangwala were called and they confirmed that the grave that was tampered with was for their relative.

Meanwhile, police in Solwezi have discovered a dumped stillborn baby at Kimiteto graveyard.

Dr Mulenga said that this occurred on Tuesday around 15:00 hours when Solwezi Municipal Council funeral superintendent, Emeldah Choombe, reported that there was a dumped dead body in one of the unused graves.

“Police visited the scene and found that it was a stillborn baby which was dumped in unused dug grave high cost grace site area,” he said.



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