New Monze councillors get tips


New Monze councillors get tips

NEWLY-ELECTED councillors in Monze have been urged to take stock of all unfinished development projects and ensure that they are completed before initiating new ones.

Monze Town Council Chairperson, Porwell Mutenguna, said the council would only embark on new projects after the unfinished ones were completed.

He was speaking during the first full council meeting held at Monze Civic Centre.

Mr Mutenguna said it was pointless to continue initiating new projects when many projects had not been completed.

He said it was important, therefore, to take stock of all the projects which were incomplete so that they could be worked on before embark-ing on new ones.

He urged councillors to ensure that they incorporate traditional leaders in their wards when taking stock of the unfinished projects.

Traditional leaders, he noted, were more conversant with challenges the people were facing in local communities.

Mr Mutenguna stated that he would ensure that the elected officials did not interfere with the operations of council management.

The council chairperson said the team would play an oversight role in ensuring that resources were channelled towards the intended pur-poses.

He said the councillors had a lot of work on their hands to ensure that the promises made during campaigns come to fruition.

Mr Mutenguna said high on the agenda was ensuring that the town gets a facelift as its current state was a sore to the eye.

He said the town needs street lights, a modern market and a shopping mall, something he said should be done before their tenure ends.

Mr Mutrnguna called on residents to ensure that they pay their property rates for smooth operations of the local authority.

Meanwhile, Abel Hachambwa was elected council Vice-Chairman after white washing the other two challengers.

Mr Hachambwa got 17 votes beating his closest rival Chris Bwanga who got seven while the only woman councillor in the District Mundia Phiri Hamaundu got five Votes.




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