“I wanted to ignore this but nakangiwa. Zambia my ‘Christian Nation’. I’m trying to understand why most of you are so hypocritical that you cherry-pick on “sins” worth stoning and those to accept. How can y’all be in the forefront policing how women should dress but defend, love and support a whole man calling himself a woman and dressing and conducting himself as such? I’m not here to judge him as a person. It’s you keyboard warriors defending this that I am focusing on. Today you are applauding because he is entertaining. Let’s see how you behave tomorrow when he becomes a role model to your kids. I want you to keep the same energy when your male children start wearing makeup and calling themselves women. Don’t compare this to women who have no morals, we are talking about emasculation of a black man in his own land in the name of modernism. So many kids are getting inspired while you support. Tomorrow when there’s a million of them in Zambia you will be asking how it happened. Tomorrow ati HH brought gayism when you are here clapping and defending. It’s all fun and games until your makeup and lipstick start finishing in the house and you only have a son. Nipano tuli.

Before you decide to come and school me about cross dressing and all, remember I’m a fashion designer and I have lived in the USA for 7yrs now. I know a thing or 2 about fashion.

Oh, and how does it affect the economy or my personal well-being? It doesn’t. The same way a woman in a short skirt or leggings doesn’t. So don’t come for me with that.

There’s no announcement needed here. This is exactly what it looks like. The bible says you shall know them by their fruits. Napita mukwai”


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