Siavonga Council bemoans trade theft


Siavonga Council bemoans trade theft

Siavonga District Council has observed the high rate of trade pilferage practices emanating from business houses and investors within the district.

Council chairperson, Given Kwapu says the district houses many investors in the tourism and aquaculture sectors but that the reve- nue generated does not go towards the development of the district.

Mr Kwapu noted with disappointment that the district is losing revenue from the mining and reptile sectors through trade pil- ferage.

He cited the illegal sale of crocodiles as one of the challenges affecting the growth of the tourism sector.

“We have seen these croc- odiles being taken out of our district by investors without them remitting any tax to the council,” he said

Mr Kwapu has since called for an enhanced Public-pri- vate partnership develop-

ment approach if the district is to development.

He stressed the need to upgrade infrastructure in the district in order to help boost the district’s tourism potential.

“Our roads are in a dilap- idated state, therefore I am calling on all investors in the district to practice social corporate responsibility by working with the govern- ment in repairing these roads,” he said.

Meanwhile, Enerst Maam- ba a Siavonga resident has challenged the elected lead- ers to ensure development is taken to the district.

Mr Maamba said there is need for the councilors and the Members of Parliament to deliver according to their campaign promises.

“Leaders need to ensure that they give us the roads they promised during cam- paigns, we are tired of empty promises all the time,” he lamented. – ZANIS


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