Use modern technology, farmers urged

GOVERNMENT has called on traditional leaders to be in the forefront of promoting peace and unity in their chiefdoms and the country as a whole.

Northern Province Permanent Secretary, Royd Chakaba said tra- ditional leaders should use the peace and unity in their chief- doms as a basis for promoting na- tional peace.

Mr Chakaba has also chal- lenged subjects to live in harmony with each other despite the politi- cal and religious differences.

“We should strive to contin- ue living in harmony, as we are brothers and sisters despite our political, religious differences,” he said.

ZANIS reports that the PS said this in a speech read on his behalf by Acting Northern Province Dep- uty Permanent Secretary, Grace Sinkolongo during the installa- tion of Chief Mumpolokoso of the Bemba people in Mporokoso district.

And Mr Chakaba has praised Chief Mumpolokoso for his un-

wavering support towards the im- plementation of developmental projects in the area.

He said government is also committed to implementing more developmental projects in the chiefdoms.

“Government will continue to provide support and resources to our people in order to meet their needs and aspirations. We are also committed to implement more developmental projects in your chiefdom and indeed other chief- doms across the country,” he said

And Senior Chief Mwamba of Kasama District, has called on other traditional leaders to take care of their subjects by seeking guidance and wisdom from God.

Meanwhile, the Bemba Royal Establishment (BRE) Spokesper- son, James Mulenga has encour- aged the newly installed Chief to lead his subjects diligently.

Mr Mulenga said the establish- ment has given him all the power to discharge his duties and serve the community.- Z


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