Expand Siavonga/Lusaka road – former MP
FORMER UPND Siavonga Member of Parliament, Darius Mulunda has called for the immediate expansion of the Siavonga/Lusaka road into a four-lane highway at Kapiringozi area to stop the high number of accidents that are claiming many lives.
Mr Mulunda said Government should act by widening the road to allow free flow of traffic and visibility.
He was commenting on the death of six people in separate accidents that occurred on the same day along the Siavonga/Chirundu-Lusaka highway.
He said as long as the road was not improved, travellers using what the locals are calling “hell run” will continue being at risk hence the need for Government to move in and widen the road and put other safety measures.
Mr Mulunda said the road was not only important to Zambia but also to the entire SADC and COMESA region as it provides easy access for economic development in the region.
Mr Mulunda also called on the Police and the Road Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA) to intensify road patrols and inspections between Siavonga-Chirundu junction and Malengo area as this is area where many accidents occur due to speeding and steepness of the road.
He also urged RTSA to consider retesting bus drivers to ensure they meet the requirements of the Passenger Services Vehicle (PSV) licence adding that some drivers operating on the route are not competent enough.
Mr Mulunda said the Siavonga/Chirundu-Lusaka Highway remains one of the busiest roads in the country as it is a gateway to the SADC region.
“Because of the heavy traffic caused by trucks from the SADC region, the road has continued claiming many lives through accidents that can be avoided by widening the road especially at Kapiringozi and other dangerous spots,” he said.



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