Jere hails FAZ Tribunal

LUSAKA lawyer and sports administrator Dickson Jere has hailed the Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) for having established the Sports Arbitration Tribunal to deal with ongoing disputes.
Jere told administrators from various sports federations in Zambia at an ongoing training at OYDC that FAZ has taken a first step which should be emulated by other sports federations in the country.
He said appeals from such tribunals will then be taken to the International Court of Arbitration for Sports (CAS).
“We should avoid using courts as a process of resolving sports disputes. We need to have our own unique arbitration tribunals and commit-tees to resolve the disputes like FAZ has just done,” Jere said.
He said with the establishment of the sports tribunal by FAZ, it is his hope that all the cases will be withdrawn from courts and taken to the tribunal for the fast resolution of the disputes.
“We need to support such initiatives as sports administrators. Disputes must be resolved in private and confidential manners through arbitration,” Jere said.
Jere was speaking in his capacity as board member of the National Olympics Committee of Zambia which is running training sessions for sports federations in Zambia.
Jere said sports disputes should not be taken to court but rather to sports tribunals in line with international standards and has urged other sports federations to follow FAZ in resolving disputes.



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