Mulenga Musonda

The Choma Magistrates Court has convicted a trespasser to 60 days imprisonment for trespassing on a Police Officer’s premises with the intention to steal the clothes that were left on the line.

In this matter Bright Kabuswe 34 of Choma’s Kamunza Township was charged with one count of Criminal Trespass contrary to the Laws of Zambia.

Particulars of the offence are that Kabuswe on April 14, 2021 entered the premises of Clement Mukalanga with intent to steal or annoy.

When the matter came for record and sentencing before Magistrate Muyambango Munukayumbwa, after Kabuswe admitted the charge earlier, the prosecution failed to prove that he was a second offender compelling the Court to treat him as a first offender.

According to the facts, Kabuswe was spotted by Mr Mukalanga’s neighbour elusively entering the yard. After the neighbour saw that Kabuswe had stayed in the yard longer than normal, he decided to follow him and see what he was doing as he was aware that there was no one home.

To his surprise he found Kabuswe with a brick trying to break the padlock on the door. He instituted a citizen apprehension and took the accused person to the Police.

Magistrate Munukayumbwa sentenced Kabuswe to 60 days simple imprisonment in order to deter would be offenders.



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