Perhaps Zambia’s hottest emerging singer songwriter of 2021 has to be Derrick Ngoma better known as Deeletwin. Hailing from Kabwe, Deeletwin has made his mark in the Music industry not only through his talents as a singer-songwriter but also through the background of music. He has graced the stage with the likes of  Jay Rox, Mumba Yachi, Wezi, Willz, Bombshell and Suwilanji  just to name a few. His  passions for drumming, singing and song-writing have equipped him to take on the Zambian music scene today. Later in 2020 he signed on to Blacksmith Records and in a short period of time he has grown into making his way to being a household name. Hit after hit, he is proving that he deserves a spot on the Zambian music scene.

His long awaited EP titled ‘The Journey’ was released on the 23rd of April 2021 and is already making waves through platforms like Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer and many alike .  Although he stays true to his Zambian roots, ‘The Journey’, composed of 7 tracks, provides sounds that the Zambian music scene was in desperate need of. Songs like ‘ I Wish featuring Trina South’ and ‘Bad Gal’ have been described as being “a breathe of fresh air” by veterans within the music industry . Although each song on the E.P can stand alone, they all circle back to the original theme of Deeletwins’ journey thus far. The songs take listeners through his journey from past, present to future. He is inviting listeners into the back door of his experiences. Few debut Eps have received the overwhelming applause that Deeletwins ‘The Journey’ has experienced and Deeletwin emphasizes “the best is yet to come”.

There is something about Deeletwin that is refreshingly different- and with his new projects underway he is definitely one to watch. He has managed to capture what many Artists spend a lifetime chasing – a place where soul meets social commentary. Remember the name, Deeletwin is sure to set Zambian Music a blaze and we are all on the edge of our seats waiting to see what is next.



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