Playoff deferred after appeal


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MUKWIMA CHILALA writes                          

FOOTBALL Association of Zambia (FAZ) has postponed the Division One play-off between Young Green Eagles (Zone 4) and Kansanshi Dynamos (Zone 2) set for Kafue’s Nkhosa Stadium this weekend.

The postponement of the controversial promotional match follows the appeal by Yeta Football Club, from Zone four, against the decision by the Player Status Committee to award three points to Young Green Eagles after the former used two ineligible players in a Week 23 match.

According to the Status Committee, Yeta Football Club was found guilty of having used Oscar Mukelebai and Mulowa Siyanga in place of Mwangala Siyanga and Blessings Mwamba respectively.

This resulted in the club being docked off three points and subsequently awarded to Young Green Eagles, who moved to 66 on the log sheet thereby displacing the winners, Zesco.

But FAZ General Secretary, Adrian Kashala, announced on Thursday that the Appeals Committee would adjudicate the matter involving Yeta and Young Green Eagles on Sat-urday July 6 following the appeal.

“We received an appeal from Yeta Football Club and have since notified the Appeals Committee to convene and close this matter,” said Kashala.

“We wish to apologize to the clubs involved and the football family for the inconven-ience this may have caused, our desire is to ensure that this matter is concluded amica-bly,” he said.

Kashala however, said that the other playoff involving Kabwe Youth Academy and National Assembly will go on as scheduled.


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