Couple married for 41 years divorces


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A COUPLE that has been married for 41 years has divorced in the Lusaka’s Chilenje Local Court due to serious fights which the man blamed on demons.

Richard Muyabi,63, a businessman of Palabana was sued by his wife Dorothy Michelo,60,  a farmer of the same area.

Michelo told senior local court magistrate Ackim Phiri sitting with senior local court magistrate Harriet Mbewe and presiding local magistrate Patrick Nyirenda  that they got married in 1978 and have seven children together.

She complained of her husband’s vicious beatings which led to her becoming unconscious.

“My husband beats me so much that sometimes I become unconscious. He covers me with a blanket and puts me under the bed.  While there I see stars and then I wake up,

“For 41 years I have lived with him, he has literally killed me seven times.  When I ask why he beats me like I am not human, he says (choka ka galu iwe),” she said.

At one point Michelo broke down while explaining the terrible marriage ordeals she had gone through.

“We live on the farm and he says the farm is not mine. He never knew how to farm, I am the one who taught him,” she said.

“Wandiuza kuti ndichoke pa  famuyo koma ndinai vutikila. Sindizasiya famuyo chifukwa ni yanga,” she said.

“He is carelessly killing the cows and tells me he is taking the aninmals to another  woman.  From the time we got married he has never bought anything for me, I worked hard on the farm and provided for myself and the children,” she said.

“Niba konda bamuna banga koma nalema chifukwa sibachinga machitidwe yabo. Sitinga pitilize kunkala pamodzi chifukwa mwamuna wanga adzandipha ine tsiku lina. Ndikufuna ukwati uthe,” she said. 

In his defence, Muyabi confessed that there were serious disputes in their marriage because of demons which he said had been tormenting his family,

“We fight and use bad words. One time she came saying (ndinafaka mankwala mu chakudya chanu koma ndikudabwa kuti simunamwalire. Iwe  sunadwale nkomwe . uyenda kwati palibe vina chitika. Nizayenda nikatenge mankwala yenangu mpaka  chenifuna chi chitike),”

“My wife took me to the police on accusations that I want to sell the farm. She took the title deeds of the farm and hid it. I asked her and she denied getting the title,” he said.

“ She has demons.  I have taken her several churches but nothing has changed. One time, she and three of our children plotted to kill me. They came into my room and started beating me. They undressed me and my wife wanted to chop of my manhood with a knife. The neighbours intervened and that’s how they all run away,” he said. 

“I love my wife and we can forgive each other,” he said.

But the court ruled a failed reconciliation and divorced the couple.


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