Promiscuous couple divorced


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A COUPLE that has been married for seven years and has been unfaithful to each other has been divorced in the Lusaka Boma Local Court.

This is in a matter in which Hendrix Kayombo sued his wife Monica Katimba for divorce.

Kayombo told senior court magistrate George Kaoma that he married Katimba in 2013 and she had a problem when it came to spending money.

“Many times when I give her money she misuses it.. I gave her money to pay our child’s school fees, she didn’t pay, I gave her money to buy some school requirements for her young sister, she did not buy,

“I even found a message on her phone where she was asking a man for money and she even sent her pictures to him after she asked him for money,” Mr Kayombo said.

 He said he never caught his wife red handed with another man but her phone spoke for itself.

“I wasn’t happy with many things I found in the phone I bought for her. She was chatting with a man, who even sent a nude picture of himself to her,

 “I chatted with him for some time pretending to be my wife and that’s how I concluded that it must have been the boyfriend,” Kayombo said.

He said, the same man was also inviting her to join him for some beers and for love making afterwards.

He told the court that he just wanted divorce because he did not like how they were living as husband and wife.

In defence Katimba told the court that they stayed well in the marriage until 2017 but the whole time her husband was a piece of work.

“Most times he would come home even as late as 01:00hrs and I was pregnant at the time. And when he comes home there would be women calling him asking if he got home safe. Whenever I complained about those women calling him, he would tell me ‘ndiye bani lipilila taxi weh’,” Ms Katimba said.

She said one time a woman came to her crying and apologized to for was dating her husband.

“I was even in that woman’s committee. She told me my husband calls her and they meet behind the house. She pleaded with me not to come out of her committee and people were even laughing at me for being in a committee of my husband’s girlfriend.

“I wanted to leave the committee but my husband forced me to stay on. I never chatted with the man he’s accusing me of. My husband chased me from home at midnight and beat me and I had to go sleep at a friend’s house,” Ms Katimba said.

The court found that there was unfaithfulness for both husband and wife and divorce was granted.


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